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Medical Grants

Amie’s Place Foundation

Amie’s Place Foundation is dedicated to supporting people who are at risk of losing their pets at times of crisis only because no one is there to help them.
The Foundation funds special programs that:
• Provide pet-care assistance to help people through times of medical necessity to ensure they will not sacrifice their own health care needs because of concerns for the well-being of their pets.
• Promote attention to the vital role that responsible companion-animal ownership plays within society and help overcome barriers limiting access to their pets when they most need each other.
• Support awareness of the unique and healing bond a beloved pet and its human companion share and commitment to help preserve this bond.
The Big Hearts Fund

• To help pet owners attain necessary veterinary care for their animals with heart disease
Humane Society of the United States

Listing of pet financial aid-related organizations, listed both nationwide and alphabetically by state. Please keep in mind that each organization is independent and has their own set of rules and guidelines.
Having Trouble Affording Your Pet?
Magic Bullet Fund

• For owners of dogs with cancer
Muffin Diabetic Pets Association

• Diabetic Pets Fund for diabetic animals
Pit Bull Rescue Central

Financial Assistance
If your dog is in a life-threatening situation, seek vet care immediately! Pit Bull Rescue Central is an internet-based organization and, while we try our best to respond to all applications in a timely manner, we are not equipped to handle most emergency situations. In addition, our funds are limited, especially during these tough economic times. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to donate to your case. If we do approve your application, it is unlikely that our donation will cover your entire bill, so we highly recommend that you follow the steps below to seek other sources of funding.
RedRover Relief Grants

Economic hardships can prevent people from caring for the animals they love. When circumstances threaten the bonds between people and their pets, the RedRover Relief program is there to help.

RedRover Relief provides:
• Financial assistance grants so pet owners, Good Samaritans and rescuers can care for animals who need urgent veterinary care
• An easy online application and quick approval process
• Resources for pet owners struggling with economic hardship
• Resources for victims of domestic violence