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About Dogs That Are Not In Our Care:

-We currently are not taking in owner/foster/shelter/other rescue surrenders. (Dogs in your care)
-We are only able to list dogs on our network sites that are in our personal care.

Contact Us

Please use the email address below to contact us. We answer emails in the order of which they were received.

To reach Modified k9, Inc., please email

Please know:
When a dog is in your care - no matter how he/she got there - their life is in your hands. It is now up to you to make sure the dog you have is placed in a home that is suited for their needs. This may take anywhere from weeks, to months and in some cases - years. Private rescues are exhausted foster home & monetary wise.  Finding placement within some of the private rescues may take a while.   

In our resource section, we have a lengthy list of multi-dog management "how to's". training tips, re-homing tips, crate rotations and much more. Please take advantage of this information to make things run a bit more smoothly while you take steps on finding the dog in your care a suitable home/family..

**If you need help re-homing a dog in your care, and have not found answers through searching our website, shoot us a message with details on your situation. We will answer the messages in the order which they are received. Please understand we do get bombarded with inquiries, so it may take some time before we replay to your message. If you do not hear from us with in a two week period, feel free to resend your message. **

Thank you for understanding and saving a life in need!