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Knowing what a "pit bull" dog is

To truly know what a pit bull dog is, you will have to meet one.

Spend time with that dog, work with that dog, train that dog, love that dog and get to know that dog and his/her unique personality. Know the dog as an individual and not by "breed label". Every person has a different view or idea of what a pit bull dog should look like. Some consider dogs such as American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and dogs mixed with these breeds to be "pit bull" dogs or "pit bull" mixes.  

A great majority of the pit bull dogs that we have met are eager to please, full of life, are the "class clown's" if you will and social with people of all ages. They enjoy an owner that can keep up with all the love they have to share, their exercise, vet and health needs as well.  Pit bull dogs can be excellent at agility sports, dock jumping, fly ball, therapy work, search n rescue work and make wonderful service dogs, just to name a few. Oh, not to mention they make some of the best cuddle buddies and couch warmers a person could as for. Their eagerness to please their people makes the sky the limit. Their ear to ear smile and fully body butt wiggled makes them hard to resist. Along with their want to fit in, makes them family. When dealing with any type of dog, it is "how they are managed", not "how they are raised" that will determine the future of that dog..

All dogs are results of human responsibility (or) human negligence.

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