Modified k9 is a progressive family that is located in Northeast Pennsylvania.
We are a small, private organization with a main focus to create change through community outreach for our canines companions and their people. Please take a few minutes to look over our outreach programs, owner support work and  contact us with any questions you may have.  

Our Mission:



On the side we put our hearts into rescuing & re-homing these misunderstood dogs into responsible loving homes. Since we operate our rescue efforts out of our personal home we are not able to take on multiple dogs at this time. Once the current foster dog in our care has found their forever family we are able to help another in need. Please check out our adoption page to see if you can make room for a new addition. 
501(c)3 (pending) We are pushing towards a half way house for the rescue dogs that enter our program. The half way house will not only be used for the evaluation/training period of our dogs, but used as a facility to help pit bull dog owners come together and better understand their k9 kids. 

The Modified k9 Family focuses on improving the future for our pit bull dogs and their people. 
 - More than just a dog, our pit bulls are family!